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81.  08/15/2017  Fox News Sexual Harassment Suits Cost $50M To 12CF In Fiscal ... 
82.  08/15/2017  Former School Administrator in Charge of Sex Harassment Training Sends Subordinate Sexually Explicit Texts 
83.  08/15/2017  SEC announces whistleblower award for government employee 
84.  08/15/2017  Whistleblower: HUD funded empty apartments in former tenants'names 
85.  08/15/2017  Grant &Eisenhofer Suit Alleges Former Lawyer Stole Lucrative Whistleblower Case 
86.  08/15/2017  HuffPo Contributor Outed as Leader of Charlottesville Doxing Campaign 
87.  08/15/2017  Regulatory WrapUp: Updates on wage increases, NAFTA and transportation 
88.  08/15/2017  Can An Employer Fire A White Supremacist? 
89.  08/15/2017  Legal Insider: Does the First Amendment Protect Hate Speech and Your Job? 
90.  08/15/2017  Is Being a White Supremacist Grounds for Firing? 
91.  08/15/2017  Why Charlottesville white supremacists are being named, shamed— and fired 
92.  08/15/2017  Summer Q &A: answers to 7 holidayrelated questions arising from employment law Question 4 
93.  08/14/2017  SoFi Is Being Sued by an Employee Claiming He Was Fired for Reporting Sexual Harassment 
94.  08/14/2017  SoFi Employee Says He Was Fired for Reporting Sexual Harassment 
95.  08/14/2017  SHINee Onew's Sexual Harassment Case To Be Forwarded To Prosecution 
96.  08/14/2017  One man's leaker is another man's whistleblower 
97.  08/14/2017  Indicted former HR manager sues Starkey over his 2015 firing 
98.  08/14/2017  Former Superior Court Staffer Alleges Workplace Harassment by Judge 
99.  08/14/2017  When Male Unemployment Rates Rise, So Do Sexual Harassment Claims 
100.  08/14/2017  Labor Commissioner's Office Cites Jack in the Box Franchise Owner ... 
101.  08/14/2017  Jewish Woman Claims Church Violated Her Civil Rights 
102.  08/14/2017  LGBTQ rights group asks for legal protections 
103.  08/14/2017  Ask the Experts: As a small business owner, what do I need to know about statutory sick pay and maternity pay? 
104.  08/14/2017  Oregon becomes first state to enact schedulingprotection laws for service industry 
105.  08/14/2017  Working unpaid overtime 
106.  08/14/2017  Avoiding HR Pitfalls While Managing Overseas Assignments: Your 10Point Checklist 
107.  08/14/2017  Employee of new company'horrified'by former boss's behavior 
108.  08/14/2017  Employment Law This Week®: NLRB JointEmployer Case Overturned, Kaplan Confirmed to NLRB, Eighth Circuit ... 
109.  08/14/2017  The Gray Divide: Aging and employment in Utah's tech sector 
110.  08/14/2017  A top venture capital lobbyist says more sexual harassment allegations will emerge from Silicon Valley 
111.  08/14/2017  DOL Wage And Hour Division Getting In Gear After Slow Start 
112.  08/14/2017  Making Federal Employees'AtWill'Would Limit Their Legal Recourse 
113.  08/14/2017  Legal Experts Say That Fired Google Engineer Has Strong Case for Damages 
114.  08/13/2017  Portuguese club may end Egyptian player's loan over sexual harassment claims Al 
115.  08/13/2017  Indianorigin lawmaker in Canada accused of sexual harassment by staffer 
116.  08/13/2017  SDNY Dismisses DoddFrank Whistleblower Claim Because Retaliation Claims Were Already Arbitrated 
117.  08/13/2017  Kentucky Man, Transgender Wife Sue Amazon for Workplace Discrimination 
118.  08/13/2017  Foreign Farmworkers in Canada Fear Deportation if They Complain 
119.  08/13/2017  LGBT Group Asks Michigan Commission for Legal Protections 
120.  08/13/2017  Google engineer's memo is a reminder that we generally don't have free speech at work 

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