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41.  10/18/2017  Exworkers sue Tesla over racist drawings, slurs at Fremont factory 
42.  10/18/2017  Who's to Blame for America's Sexual Harassment Nightmare? 
43.  10/18/2017  Key California Employment Law Cases: September 2017 
44.  10/18/2017  In 2017, increasing numbers of employees have sued their employers for alleged violations of Illinois'biometric ... 
45.  10/18/2017  New Law Says Employers Can't Ask Applicants About Criminal Past 
46.  10/18/2017  The Law is on the NFL Players'Side 
47.  10/18/2017  Ask Doug &Polly: Follow a few best practices when terminating employees 
48.  10/18/2017  Two New California Employment Laws To Take Effect in January ... 
49.  10/17/2017  Here's a look at 24 newsmakers accused of sexual harassment, assault or related behavior 
50.  10/17/2017  Sexual Harassment in the Theater: How Chicago Fought Back 
51.  10/17/2017  A majority of Americans now say that sexual harassment is a'serious problem' 
52.  10/17/2017  #MeToo floods social media with stories of sexual harassment and abuse 
53.  10/17/2017  Laura Dern Says Sexual Harassment Seemed Like a'Prerequisite'to Working In Hollywood 
54.  10/17/2017  DEA Whistleblower Blasts Drug Distributors, Congress Over Opioid'Collusion' 
55.  10/17/2017  Department of Justice agent who blew whistle in 2012 says experience ruined him 
56.  10/17/2017  Fallbrook schools pays $1.2 million to former employee in whistleblower case The San Diego Union 
57.  10/17/2017  Excop's whistleblower retalliation claim rejected by jury 
58.  10/17/2017  Bedford VA whistleblower: Agency trying to'scare me away'through retaliation 
59.  10/17/2017  Workers'Compensation Ruling Given Preclusive Effect In Discrimination Lawsuit 
60.  10/17/2017  Workplace harassment is not a secret to women 
61.  10/17/2017  Oppose the Confirmation of Thomas Farr to the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina 
62.  10/17/2017  AmeriHealth Caritas, Reynolds and others announce new hires, and other business news: Trade Talk 
63.  10/17/2017  Predictable Schedules A Right, Not a Privilege, in NYC Fast Food and Retail Industries 
64.  10/17/2017  New California Law Requires Small Employers to Provide Unpaid BabyBonding Leave 
65.  10/17/2017  Exinmates Win New Law Telling California Employers to'Ban the Box' 
66.  10/17/2017  If You Want An IUD, Take Note Of Trump's New Birth Control Policy 
67.  10/17/2017  New law bans California employers from asking applicants their prior salary 
68.  10/17/2017  Sexual harassment isn't just a Hollywood problem: 6 ways parents can help teens 
69.  10/17/2017  Former Naughty Dog Employee Says He Was Fired After Filing ... 
70.  10/17/2017  How Men Can Help Stop Sexual Harassment at Work 
71.  10/17/2017  'Big Bang Theory'Actress Mayim Bialik Defends Sexual Harassment Comments 
72.  10/17/2017  Whistleblower sues Staten Island court after being reassigned 
73.  10/17/2017  Whistleblower blames Marino bill for opioid epidemic Scranton Times 
74.  10/17/2017  Feds drop a whistleblower case against UnitedHealth Group 
75.  10/17/2017  Clerk sues Manhattan Beach hotel for sexual harassment, wrongful termination 
76.  10/17/2017  The Statistics On Reporting Workplace Harassment Will Sadly Validate Your Fears 
77.  10/17/2017  Study finds 75 percent of workplace harassment victims experienced retaliation when they spoke up 
78.  10/17/2017  (Updated) Center City restaurant agrees to pay 63 workers $396K in ... 
79.  10/17/2017  MasonDraffen: Employer must pay for all hours worked 
80.  10/17/2017  "Jim Crowera"Racist Graffiti and Racial Discrimination Found at Tesla's Fremont Plant 

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