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121.  06/17/2017  Department of Commerce removes, reinstates gender and sexual orientation on Equal Employment Opportunity ... 
122.  06/17/2017  Safety Agency Applies Federal Law To Bar Employer Safety Violation Citation Agency's Application of 5th Circuit ... 
123.  06/17/2017  This state may approve a law that would let employers discriminate against women who use birth control 
124.  06/17/2017  State Attorney's Office investigator was fired over sexual harassment ... Florida Times 
125.  06/17/2017  Delta College settles in sexual harassment lawsuit Washington ... 
126.  06/17/2017  Dan Johnson incidents spur 2 councilwomen to draft sexual harassment policies The Courier 
127.  06/17/2017  Goldberg: The fight continues for LGBT equality The NewsPress The News 
128.  06/17/2017  CEO taking leave after review of toxic workplace 
129.  06/17/2017  GAU: UF grad assistants protected by gender identity discrimination in the workplace with new UF contract 
130.  06/17/2017  Experts: Age discrimination is still a thing in the workplace | The ... 
131.  06/17/2017  Workers Sue Over Workplace Discrimination, EnglishOnly Policy 
132.  06/17/2017  Trump administration sides with employers in Supreme Court labor case 
133.  06/17/2017  Can Employers Discriminate For Pregnancy Or Birth Control Use? Missouri Lawmakers Think So 
134.  06/16/2017  McDonald's sued for sexual harassment by transgender woman 
135.  06/16/2017  Report: High percentage of Missoula bar patrons experience sexual harassment 
136.  06/16/2017  National Guard Whistleblower Wins Vindication from Pentagon Watchdog 
137.  06/16/2017  Veterans'selfless service keeps america free and safe 
138.  06/16/2017  Commerce Dept. drops LGBT people from nondiscrimination policy 
139.  06/16/2017  EDITORIAL: Labor exploiters feel wrath of attorney general 
140.  06/16/2017  United States: Sixth Circuit Adopts NLRB's DR Horton Rule And Deepens Circuit Split On Class Action Waivers 
141.  06/16/2017  White House reissues LGBTQ wording in equal employment policy after backlash 
142.  06/16/2017  If the ACA Is Repealed, Some Employers Say They'd Keep Many of the Benefits 
143.  06/16/2017  Oregon Enacts Expansive Pay Equity Law 
144.  06/16/2017  An Employer's Short Guide to Employee Break Time Obligations 
145.  06/16/2017  Macron Delivers on Promise to Prioritize Agenda for French Employment Law Changes 
146.  06/16/2017  Financial Poiseâ„¢ Announces"Labor &Employment Law in an Hour,"Ep. #3 of the"One Hour Law School 1.0 ... 
147.  06/16/2017  Investment Banks Spread Employment Cases Among Law Firms 
148.  06/16/2017  NFL Alumni Association CEO Joe Pisarcik Sued for Sexual ... 
149.  06/16/2017  Jessica Drake Explains How to Call Out Sexual Harassment 
150.  06/16/2017  The Pink Ghetto: Sexism &Sexual Harassment In The Law 
151.  06/16/2017  Fired For'Acting Like A Man': Sexual Harassment Cases You Don't See Everyday (Hopefully) 
152.  06/16/2017  Uber's SexualHarassment Crisis Just Got Even Darker 
153.  06/16/2017  Congress passes VA whistleblower bill 
154.  06/16/2017  Fired lawyer to get settlement from Kentucky over her'whistleblower'case about sex toys The Courier 
155.  06/16/2017  Career derailed, exprof to sue Montana State for wrongful termination 
156.  06/16/2017  Whistleblower's retaliation claim reinstated 
157.  06/16/2017  Commerce Department cuts LGBT protections from its equal opportunity policy statement 
158.  06/16/2017  New York City carwasheros deserve a livable wage 
159.  06/16/2017  Transgender worker sues Redford McDonald's charging sex harassment, civil rights violation 
160.  06/16/2017  Will Employment Law Help Break the Higher Education Monopoly? 

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